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K-Laser has been proven effective in hundreds of cases. Schedule an evaluation today.

First, we’ll do a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of the pain, whether osteoarthritis, bone disease, fracture or injury.  Then, we’ll recommend one of several K-Laser therapy packages to reduce inflammation and pain.  You’ll see the first signs of improvement right away.  It only takes a moment to schedule your pet for evaluation.

Call 773-783-7606.  Call because you love them, and don’t want to see them suffer.

This coupon is only for application to K-Laser Therapy Package.  Treatment for the underlying causes of pain, vaccinations and other well care treatment, and medicines prescribed in conjunction with K-Laser are not included in the 20% discount. Simply use the code on the coupon below when making your appointment to get the savings applied to your bill when you visit.

Coupon Code for K-Laser Therapy Packages



Ask about our  Wellness Programs if you’d like to spread out the cost of caring for your pet.