Supporting our commitment to provide the best pet care to every client

Jeanine Davis, Administration at Auburn Animal HospitalJeanine Davis supports pet care at Auburn AdministrationJeanine Davis, Administrative Assistant

Jeanine has spent over a decade supporting pet care administration at Auburn, and she was there from the beginning to support her sister, Dr. Sheila Carpenter.  After administrative positions at an insurance firm and real estate brokerage, “I jumped at this new adventure with my sister. It’s something we’d talked about for years, and I believed in her vision.” Jeanine has nurtured client relationships from Auburn’s first weeks open. Considered by clients and teammates to be a compassionate professional, she’s especially attentive to clients’ needs. Jeanine enjoys working with clients, and takes time to comfort them through difficult cases. “I understand the stress and anxiety when you don’t know what’s wrong, but know your pet is hurting.”

After working through years of growth at Auburn, Jeanine also feels a strong connection to the community.  We carry a long history in here, and I feel that responsibility.  Auburn has brought our family closer together to keep it strong, and every client relationship is important.

Jeanine advises aspiring pet owners. “Pet ownership requires total commitment, and if you’re considering buying a dog or cat, get ready to be all in.” Jeanine’s teaches this to growing pet families, and she lives that commitment at Auburn.

Susan Wade, Administrative and Veterinary Assistant

Susan Wade, Auburn Vet TechnicianSusan Wade and Sheila Carpenter, DVMSusan has been a part of the Auburn Animal Hospital team for over 24 years. She joined as a pet care volunteer, and proved herself so valuable that she was hired after graduating from college. Shortly thereafter, she took a full-time position. When asked what is the best part of working at Auburn, Susan doesn’t hesitate, “I love seeing the results of our care, and watching pets get better.  Seeing them recover to normal activities, and the happy faces, that’s the best thing in the world.”

“Susan has handled virtually every position at Auburn at some point,” says Dr. Carpenter. “I depend on Sue regularly to do whatever it takes for our pets, and she does it with a smile.” Considered by team members to be funny, caring and efficient, Susan says the “relaxed atmosphere at Auburn is contagious, and it spills over into our client relationships.”

Her best advice to new pet owners, “It takes a lot of time and attention to care for a pet, and it takes a special kind of person to make that commitment.”

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Administrative support for pet care at Chicago South Side Animal Hospital