Joy Cooper, Groomer, Auburn Animal HospitalPutting Clients’ Preferences First

Auburn groomers bathe, brush, trim and provide other healthcare services for cats and dogs, but they do much more than just keep your pets looking and smelling good.

Joy Cooper is an important member of the Auburn healthcare team, because her services often uncover problems early, like ear infections, skin abnormalities or tooth decay.  She shampoos, trims and shapes pets’ fur. She also clip nails, style and comfort our pets while making them look good. When needed our professional groomers detangle hair, remove mats, dry coats, and checks for skin irritations.  Joy is well versed in the styling standards of a variety of breeds.

Clients also love the cleanliness and safety of our facilities, which is maintained by our team.  You can trust your pets won’t leave with anything they didn’t arrive with. Their attentiveness to pet owners makes a big difference in their results. They’ll check with you ahead of your appointment to learn styling requests and the special needs of your pet. They have strong connection with cats and dogs, observing carefully to help keep your pets calm and relaxed during treatment.

Find Joy in Your Professional Pet Grooming Experience

Joy Cooper has 2 years’ experience in professional grooming and was drawn to the warm family environment, which is an Auburn trademark. She inherited her love for animals from her mother, who taught her the care of pets early in life.  She brings that compassion to every grooming appointment as she helps to comfort nervous pets who don’t readily take to the grooming process. Joy is still building her client base, but colleagues describe her as a fast learner with big goals, saying “Seems like she’s been here a lot longer than she has.”