12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

In the new age of millennials with high-tech gizmos and social media, children tend to snuggle up with either their phones, tablets, PCs or laptops and forget that there is a world out there, a real one. This is the time family dogs, or pets, or family members, however you put it, play a major role.

Engaging children through the love of a dog

Parents have an excuse to bond with their children through their dogs. They can teach responsibility by feeding, bathing, and walking the dog. And most importantly, children at a very young age will not get addicted to the cyber-world, as many these days are. They will get to live their lives, as it should be, beside their four-legged buddies.

This is one of most obvious benefits of raising children while having pet dogs at home, which does not only improve the family’s physical well-being but also encourages a healthy fitness routine. Most family members get to stay active, because all, if not most, dogs need exercise. This is one way to also boost the immunity of children, allowing them not to miss out in school because they are sick.

Supporting balance and well-being through dogs

Studies have, in fact, shown that children who are raised while having pet dogs at home develop a lower risk of developing eczema, compared with those raised without any pet at home. So there are no more excuses for your kids missing out in school, as they are fully fit mentally and physically.

Then, there is the issue of stress. Having dogs at home allows not just children but also parents to relieve tension that has been contained all day long. Seeing those furry little buddies wagging their tail, tongue out, and willing to be belly-rubbed just melts all the stress away.

Don’t forget to check out the very colorful and informative graphic below and be motivated more to raise your children loving and caring for those little furry buddies.

12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children