Auburn Animal Hospital has a mascotThe History of Auburn Animal Hospital

Auburn has anchored the corner of 83rd Street and Ashland Avenue for 75 years.  During that period, a line of respected veterinarians dedicated their careers to this neighborhood gem.  We’re one of the oldest businesses in the neighborhood, and we’ve welcomed hundreds of pets into our family.

Throughout our history, we’ve remained committed to caring for cats and dogs, the cherished members of our clients’ families.  We’ve built our reputation one client at a time, treating your pet as an extended member of our family.  Generations of pets, the sons and daughters of some of our favorite pets, receive primary care at Auburn.

Auburn Pet Family Album

We’ve also contributed to many family stories of life-saving care and emergency treatment.  That experience led us to focus on educating and empowering our client family.  Through education, we’ve helped clients prevent unnecessary loss of life.  The grief caused by pet loss and illness breaks our heart for any pet owner. It’s during those times that we get closer to families because we understand.

Your hope for your pets’ welfare, what they mean to your family, and your precious memories add your story to ours.  Go to our Pet Care Information Page and learn more about the care of your pets.

 Auburn Animal Hospital Family 2Sheila Carpenter, DVM and PrincessAuburn Animal Hospital Clients 1