Get started with good health at Auburn Animal HospitalIt's never too late or too early to get started at Auburn

Whether your pet is just born, just adopted or enjoying their golden age, we're ready to help you give you your pet the best available care.  Optimal health begins with the initial evaluation of your dogs and cats.  So let's get started.  Because we're pet parents, we want to feel confident we're providing the best care for the pets we love. We feed them the best food we can buy, and we make sure they get exercise.  We include them in the family circle of love, yet it's easy to overlook basic measures we must take to preserve our pets' well being.

Can I just bring my dog or cat in for grooming?

It's one of the most frequent questions we get.  Many pet owners don't consider the dividends of investing in the health of our pets. Nor do we always consider the expense and loss of investment when we don't properly maintain a pet's well care program.  Looking their best doesn't begin with grooming, so we don't perform grooming services on pets until evaluation and vaccinations are complete.   However, we do offer economical grooming services when they're included with other healthcare services.

For the safety of our pet family, to preserve an infection-free facility, and for the health and safety of our staff, your dog or cat must have documentation of vaccinations before grooming. 

Pet Health Education is the Key

We'll educate you throughout the life cycle of your pet, ensuring you understand WHY we recommend the treatment options we prescribe.  You'll always find a listening ear at Auburn, and there's no question too simple or too minor.  We'll take time to explain what's involved with your first stool sample and why it's important, and we'll be here for you at every stage of your pets life.

Petly preventative care for dogs and catsBudgeting for your pet's healthcare

We understand how challenging it can be to budget for your pet's health.  That's why our rates for routine well care are competitive.  In addition we offer Petly Wellness Plans, a great program that helps you keep your appointments on a regular schedule and your pets' health maintained optimally.