Auburn's Veterinarian Team for growthWorking together for the highest quality veterinary care.



Owner and Managing Director, Sheila Carpenter, DVM, has partnered with a group of expert veterinarians who each bring specialized expertise. Auburn’s growing pet community requires a well-coordinated leadership team.  Expansion has been Dr. Carpenter’s vision from the beginning in order to bring the highest quality in treatment options. These specialists work together for an interdisciplinary approach to pet care.  As you entrust the care of your pets to Auburn, you’ll get to know them all.




Dr. Courtney Seals, experienced veterinarian, serves as mentor at Auburn..Michelle Seals, DVMCourtney Seals at work with a pet well check

Dr. Michelle Seals serves as Covering Veterinarian as needed.  Practicing at Auburn since its founding, she has contributed her extensive experience and broad expertise to pet families across Chicago.  She is a warm and generous mentor to staff, and is admired by all.



Rachel Davis, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Rachel Davis, Administrative Assistant for pet care at AuburnRachel Davis and Susan Wade at Auburn Animal HospitalRachel Davis joined Auburn Animal Hospital team in 2013. However, she fell in love with cats and dogs as a child while working on her Grandfather’s farm. I enjoy the pet care life cycle and relationships I’ve developed over the years. It’s amazing to follow pets from their first vaccinations to discharge after the most serious health challenges. It’s rewarding to see puppies and kittens develop and mature over the course of our treatment, “knowing we’ve done our best.” Her enthusiasm inspires her to learn something new at the hospital everyday, which makes her one of Auburn’s most informative resources.

With experience working at PAWS Chicago, among other positions, “The biggest thing about working at Auburn is the family feeling we have on our team. It spills into everything we do here, and I felt that from my very first staff meeting.” Her advice to aspiring pet owners, “Think of this new pet you’re adopting as a child, rather than a pet. Consider the total cost of caring for your pet just as you would for a new baby.”


Rodney Anderson, Auburn Kennel Caretaker

Rodney Anderson at Auburn Animal KennelBoarding pet at the Auburn Animal Hospital KennelRodney Anderson manages the Auburn Animal Kennel where pets are safely boarded while their owners are away. He’s worked at Auburn since 2013, and his work with boarding pets has changed his perspective on animals. “I never really had this level of compassion for animals before I managed them in the kennel. Caring for boarded pets while they’re here, experiencing pet owners’ good-byes, and the greetings they share when they reunite… those are moments that have helped me see how much pets feel.  It makes me see them differently.”

Rodney’s best advice to pet owners is to be sure to keep up with vaccinations. He considers being part of a close-knit team as one of his favorite aspects of working there. “We’re family, so it’s easy to incorporate pets into the family that we already are.” Colleagues consider him a caring kennel manager who always brings a positive attitude.