Heartworm in Dogs

Recommendations for heartworm are specific to your dog family When and how often dogs should be tested for heartworm infection is a matter of debate. In making the decision on when to test, we consider how common heartworm disease is where your live, and what heartworm preventive care your dogs currently receive.  We also consider your pets’ environment and the mosquito season in Chicago. Heartworm in Dogs The American Heartworm Society (AHS) suggests all adult dogs be tested at the … Read More

Petly – Frequently Asked Questions

Petly Preventive Care Plans Frequently Asked Questions What is Preventive Care? Regular examinations, vaccinations, screenings and other medical procedures provide us with information about your pet’s body, organs and overall health. By looking at your pet(s) on a regular basis and measuring changes in their health, issues can be detected earlier and together, we can follow through with treatment sooner to avoid illness becoming more costly in the future. This approach to pet healthcare is called preventive care. What Does … Read More