Screening for Older Pets

Older pets are not much different than older family members

We recommend screening tests for our older pets. Just as we have our cholesterol and blood pressure checked more often as we grow older, we strongly recommend older pets get routine checks too.

Diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and some hormonal diseases occur much more frequently in older animals. We test for these conditions to identify them before severe, and possibly irreversible damage is done.  Blood tests and sometimes digital x-ray are a vital part of screening.  If we find an abnormal result, we diagnose and treat the condition early.  Normal results give us a baseline with which we can compare future results. So, whether we’re tackling severe conditions early or giving you an ‘all’s clear,’ it’s important to have your pet screened.  Our experienced veterinary care team has experience you can trust.

An Older pet will get special attention and digital x-ray sometimesIt’s never too early or too late to bring your pet to Auburn

If you’ve taken your older pet to the vet before, that’s one more reason to have your pet screened. Many older animals are also on medications and require blood tests to evaluate medication levels in the blood stream and potential harmful effects on various organs.

While those tests are done, we’re evaluating for oral health.  Dental care is extremely important in our older pets, and they may require more frequent dental check-ups.  If you have an older dog, we’ll show you what to look for at home, and discuss well care options with you.

In summary, you’ll help your pet live a happier and longer life with  annual exams along with recommended blood screening in older animals, vaccinations, heart worm testing, and parasite control.