Healthy Pet Care

Your healthy pet needs care, too. At Auburn, we understand. You and your family want to enjoy a healthy pet as long as you possibly can.  After all, your pets are active, loving members of your family.  Pets also have biological systems as complex as our own.  That’s why it’s so important to have a relationship with a caring veterinarian, one who offers as much concern as they do veterinary science expertise. Your knowledge of your pet’s warning signals is the … Read More

Digital X-Ray

We have the latest technology in veterinary imaging Digital radiology is state of the art technology that provides quicker, clearer and safer x-ray imaging.  We’re one of the few veterinary hospitals that offer this advanced service.  Radiographs or x-rays help us evaluate the size and shape of the internal organs in the chest and abdomen of your pet.  Digital x-rays also help us evaluate the skeletal structure.  If you suspect your pet may have ingested a foreign object, timely digital radiology could be … Read More

Dental Health Services

Oral and dental disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for cats.  The dental health of cats and dogs can effect every aspect of their health.  Here’s a review of a few dental health facts for cats. Dental Health Facts for Cats Kittens have 26 temporary teeth that begin to erupt at about two to three weeks of age. Adult cats have 30 permanent teeth that start to erupt at about 3-4 months of age. A cat’s incisors (the small teeth at … Read More

Grooming Services

We offer full-service grooming, including general brush outs, shaving mats, expression of anal glands, and more below… Full Service Spa Treatment This grooming package includes an overall brushing, nail trim, ear and eye wipe out.  Grooming can uncover other health issues that need your attention. Shave Mats It can be dangerous to use scissors to cut out mats, because the skin is often very close to the mat.  It’s easy to accidentally cut your pet’s skin with scissors when trying to cut … Read More