Healthy Pet Care

Your healthy pet needs care, too.

At Auburn, we understand. You and your family want to enjoy a healthy pet as long as you possibly can.  After all, your pets are active, loving members of your family.  Pets also have biological systems as complex as our own.  That’s why it’s so important to have a relationship with a caring veterinarian, one who offers as much concern as they do veterinary science expertise.

Your knowledge of your pet’s warning signals is the key to avoiding serious problems in the future. So, we make sure you’re learning more with every visit.

We offer a full range of healthy pet services, including affordable wellness care plans and packages to keep your pet healthier longer.  We love your pets almost as much as you do.  You’ll always get a warm welcome at Auburn, and in no time at all you’ll find your whole family is comfortable and knowledgeable about the health of your pets.

Healthy pet care includes attention to the following.

  • Full system physical examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Neutering and spays
  • Flea and parasite protection
  • Preventative blood panel
  • Heart worm test and urinalysis
  • Allergy care

Learn more about our annual physicals here.