Grooming Services

We offer full-service grooming, including general brush outs, shaving mats, expression of anal glands, and more below…

Full Service Spa Treatment

This grooming package includes an overall brushing, nail trim, ear and eye wipe out.  Grooming can uncover other health issues that need your attention.

Shave Mats

It can be dangerous to use scissors to cut out mats, because the skin is often very close to the mat.  It’s easy to accidentally cut your pet’s skin with scissors when trying to cut out a mat.  Therefore, repair for this type of laceration requires general anesthesia, sutures, and sometimes antibiotics. If your pet has a mat in its fur, we recommend having it shaved with our professional clippers.

Sometimes cats have a hard time keeping their hind ends sanitary.  So, we make it easier by  trimming the fur with the use of our clippers.  Those trims make it easier for them to maintain their hygiene, and makes it less likely for fecal material to adhere to the fur.

Lion Cut Shave

The lion cut shave is our most popular form of grooming.  That’s when fur is shaved all over the body of the dog or cat until they resemble a lion.  A ‘mane” is left around the face, a puff of fur remains on the tail and “boots” of fur remain around all the feet.

Nail Trims

We offer complimentary nail trims with grooming services as a courtesy to our clients. We also do nail trims separate from examinations for a small fee- these can be scheduled at your convenience during business hours.

Auburn requires that all patients undergoing any grooming service be up to date on vaccinations and has been seen our veterinarians within one year.  If you haven’t seen us in a while, we’re happy to schedule both when you call.   Don’t miss out on grooming or health checks for your pet.